Richard Bishara

Richard Bishara is knowledgeable in the fields of marketing and business development through years of experience. His involvement in different areas helped him gain skills for his passion for helping businesses.


This blog will provide information related to three topics that Richard Bishara is most enthusiastic about, which are Marketing, Business Management, and artificial intelligence(AI) and the results on the businesses.

Current Roles

Richard Bishara is a dedicated professional that has extensive knowledge of digital marketing through years of experience. He has a degree in Civil Engineering, which he used in construction and architecture. Also, he added the field of marketing in his education. He began working in 2005 and held positions in the areas of marketing, business and web development, design, finance, freight, and auto transportation, real estate, and e-commerce.

About Business Management

Internet marketing is a way to establish an online business presence. In this blog, you will know how to begin your strategy for online marketing. You will see links appearing on every page of a website. These are called site-wide links, usually placed at the bottom of the page. These links help in directing traffic to the main areas of your site, like a page of products or placing an order. Arranging site-wide links as a menu will be helpful as it will redirect page visitors to other website pages. This menu should be appropriately arranged and has a concise description of every link to make it useful.

Marketing Automation Technology

Marketing automation is the use of software to automate activities related to marketing. Different marketing departments use automation for repeated tasks like email marketing, social media posting, and ad campaigns. This is to utilize time and to provide a more personalized ordeal for the customers.

Areas of Expertise

Richard worked as a freelancer for many successful years, contributing to the companies using his skills and knowledge in market strategy and web programming and development. He was able to showcase his expertise in software suites like PHP, Python, Javascript, CSS3, HTML, Bootstrap Magento, Jquery, MySql, Angular js, Ajax, and NodeJS.

Development of Artificial
Intelligence (AI)

This blog is all about the evolution and progress of business management, tips and tricks, and technologies used by businesses. Richard Bishara is an expert when it comes to these topics, as his knowledge came from his education and work experience. Part of his blogs will be software suites that helped companies because this is also his passion. We will also dive into the business of programming, how does it work, and the outcome for the current marketing trend.

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